Coming Up With My Brand

I don’t know about you, but when I have and idea I have to write it down. I have to do an idea brain dump on paper. Maybe it’s the creative in me, but it has to come out! So this is how I spent my past weekend.

Idea Brain Dump!

I started out trying to come up with names for my company. The name Mermaid Kisses appealed to me. I thought it sounded beachy and I could play off the colorful nature of the name. But as I researched I found that there might be less room to elaborate and who wants fishy cupcakes anyways.

My next name I was thinking of was “Menehune Bites”. Menehune means “Much Magic” in Hawaiian. Menehunes are folkloric little people who live in the tropical areas of Hawaii, they come down at night to the ocean. They build amazing structures out of the lava rocks. In fact there is one pond in Kauai that is said to be built by them. Menehune is such a perfect name for small bites made in Hawaii! I had a little bit of reservation about the name only because I am not actually Hawaiian. I didn’t feel like I could be true to the name Menehune.

So a friend said, why not “Aloha Bites”. It’s a more generic name, but it also give you an idea of the location of the company. Aloha is the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy Aloha is commonly used as a greeting and for departures. I was so happy when I found out through a thorough internet search that it was available! SO there you have it! My new company name; “ALOHA BITES!”

Below is a video of me creating my logo in Procreate. Procreate is an awesome tool that I just discovered how to use. I have only done a few drawings on it, so I am not an expert in any way. But it truly makes creating an ideas so much simpler than the traditional way of creating art. It works seamlessly with Adobe Photoshop, where I ultimately made my final logo. Prior to this, I might have drawn it in Adobe Illustrator. I like the soft artistic feeling of the cupcake that I could create in Procreate.

For the Logo

After I had my logo, I took it into photoshop and I added the name. I had to find the right font that would look best with the logo I had created. And also give the feel of where it was coming from. I decided on an Adobe font called Pulpo Rust. It came with different degrees of texture and I decided on the 75%. It gives the logo a look of a font that you typically see on t-shirts purchased at the beach.

Which brings me to the subject, the making of a t-shirt.

My T-shirt Idea!

So of course I thought it would be fun to create a t-shirt that says “BITE ME” on it. Here is the image I created. I have changed it to where the words “Bite Me” will be on the back of the t-shirt and the logo will be on the front. I was just having fun with the play on words!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing how I process my creative ideas. I also hope it has inspired you to go out and do something you like. There is nothing wrong with going for it! You can’t get motivated without any action. So I challenge you to go forward and create! You never know if you will come up with something this sweet if you don’t try!!!